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  • N.R. Sharma is Empanelled with the office of official liquidator approved by The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi as valuer for valuation of ( Plant & Machinery) w.e.f. 4th April, 2021 (for 2 years)
  • He is Empanelled with MSTC as Valuer of (plant & Machinery) w.e.f. 17-09-2019 to 16-09-2024 (for 5 Years).
  • He is Empanelled with UCO Bank, New Delhi as Valuer  (plant & Machinery) w.e.f. 09-12-2019 (for 3 Years).
  • He is empanelled with SBI JAIPUR and SBI KOLKATA as valuer  (plant & machinery) w.e.f. 2020 (for 3 years).
  • He is empanelled with PNB – Varanasi Zone, PNB – Jaipur Zone and PNB – Kolkata Zone as valuer  (plant & machinery) w.e.f. 2021 (for 3 years).
  • He is empanelled with Bank of Maharashtra as TEV & LIE consultant w.e.f Aug 2021 (for 2 years).

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