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Techno Economic Viability Studies

Techno Economic Viability Study provides an appraisal of techno-commercial parameters of a project and its impact on the financial viability. Our services include appraisal of technical aspects of the project, study of the competitive business environment and its impact on the finances.

The purpose of a TEV Study is to provide an independent opinion to the sanctioning authority / Lenders / Investors and facilitate them to take an informed decision on the project for lending or investment. Banks/ Lenders /FIs rely on our TEV study, which highlights all Financial and Techno-economic risks associated with any project. 

Delicon provides Techno Economic Viability (TEV) / Financial Feasibility Studies required by Banks / FIs for their various investments in Green Field/ Expansion Projects and Restructuring proposals, as a mitigation exercise.

We provide our services for:

  • Greenfield projects
  • Brownfield Projects
  • Restructuring of business